CNC Machine for Shaping Large Pieces of Polystyrene Foam

Grbl ('garble') is great for one reason more then any other: it will allow the use of USB for connecting a CNC machine to a laptop. Many established hobby solutions utilize the out of date parallel port, which will not work properly on a laptop due to power management issues...

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A Woodworking machine is a wood machine that is intended to process wood.These machines are usually powered by electric motors and are used extensively in woodworking. ...

Turn Your Lathe into a Shaper | Hackaday

Ingenuity is the name of the game with manual machine tools. You often have to get creative to use the tools you have to create the part you want.

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Do you have a Knitting Machine? Check out these patterns to use with Hat Shapers. Click Animation to View >> Free Online Hat Shapers "How-To" Slideshow! Save to your Hard Drive

3 HP Shaper | Grizzly Industrial

This machine is the hottest shaper in the USA! No one else can even come close to the quality and construction at our price! Certified meeting CSA & UL standards!

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Product Description... This Compel Stream Shaper is for use with Compel 561LF, 761LF and 3561 ...

1-1/2 HP Shaper | Grizzly Industrial

I purchased this machine for some help me improvement. Projects where I needed raised panel doors and drawer fronts. I did not have the power requirements for a 3hp shaper and thought that this would be a better option than a router table.

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The world's largest Machine Tool Reference Archive - a growing collection of articles about Manufacturers and Brands associated with lathes, millers, shapers, planers, grinders and other ordinary machine tools.

My 12" Sheldon Shaper - James P. Riser Web Page Intro

I have posted this web page as a reference for anyone interesting in seeing a Sheldon 12" Shaper. This shaper is NOT for sale - so please do not email me asking how much it is.

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A shaper is a type of machine tool that uses linear relative motion between the workpiece and a single-point cutting tool to machine a linear toolpath. Its cut is analogous to that of a lathe, except that it is (archetypally) linear instead of helical.

Robland X31 Combination Machine Frequently Asked Questions By ...

What Is An X31 And Who Sells It? The Robland X31 is a combination woodworking machine (3hp, 10" sliding tablesaw, 3hp sliding table shaper, 12" jointer, 12" planer and 3hp mortiser) made in Belgium and imported by Laguna Tools.